Upcoming Workshops





●  ACTING YOUR ACT — Storytelling Through Burlesque

Acting and Improv skills applied to both neo and classic burlesque

Improve your act and make your performances unforgettable! Drawing on her extensive training in acting, theatre and dance, Üla teaches the art of storytelling through the medium of burlesque. Many great dancers do beautiful routines that are lacking that special “something” that make them extraordinary. Using techniques found in her mentor’s book, “The Actor As Storyteller,” this workshop focuses on acting and specificity of movement to form a clear narrative – skills that will put your act over the top. Open to everyone. Please bring a notebook and wear clothes and shoes for comfortable movement.



Insider tips on how to style and wear wigs for the stage!

All you ever wanted to know about wigs! Whether you are more pinup or more drag queen, whether you use full wigs, falls or ponies, this class will help you take your fake-hair game to the next level. From what kind to buy and where to find them, to how to style them and how to keep them from falling off your head - Ula shares her years of experience and insider tips on all things WIGS! Please bring a notebook. If you have a wig you are struggling with, please bring it and your styling supplies.



Learn stage makeup technique from a theatre professional!

As a performer, your face is one of your most important tools. Don’t get lost under the stage lights! Learn to apply makeup that will make your features pop under stage lighting. Whether you want high glamour, a more natural look, or a stylized character - makeup for the stage has the same fundamentals. In this class, you will learn how makeup for the stage is different from makeup for a night out. Techniques taught will include contouring, eye makeup tricks and glitter application. Please bring a notebook.





Bring class and sass to your burlesque routine

Bring class and sass to your burlesque routine! In this class, we will work on different walks and ways to make your routine cheeky. For showgirls of all levels, (or an intermediate level class), this class incorporates aspects from the Ziegfeld Follies and the Delsarte technique to take your routine to the next showgirl level!

Please wear clothes and heels you can move in. Open to everyone.



Making choreography easy, step by step

You spent hours rhinestoning the costume, and you've finally found the perfect music... now what? In this class, Rosie will walk you through the basics of the choreographic process, to help you achieve your ultimate vision. Please bring pen, paper, and even your music if you've got something you would like to work on!

Please wear clothes and heels you can move in. Open to everyone.


● BURLESQUE-A-GO-GO: Dance and Cardio

Cardio made fun, with classic burlesque moves

Shimmy, shake, and get down! Get your heart pumping, while doing classic burlesque moves. A fun take on cardio, that you can take with you anywhere.

Please wear clothes you can move in. Open to everyone.





Make the most of your time on the mic!

Boo is bringing her years of experience hosting in some of the toughest rooms in New York City to this brand new workshop for anyone wanting to learn and practice the skills for successful show hosting. Learn how to balance personality, character, timing, empathy and just the right amount of sass to command any room. Time will be spent learning helpful tips as well as trying out your own material. Open to all genders and experience levels.



For newbies and folks who just want to see what the fuss is about

Are you curious about this burlesque craze sweeping the nation? Now is your chance to learn a brief history of burlesque and classic striptease moves. Class will include a gentle warm-up and students will learn a short burlesque dance routine. Open to everyone, please wear clothes and heels you can move in.




Get one-on-one attention and direct feedback on your act.

Length: 1-1.5 hrs | Class Size: min 3, max 7 | Experience Level: all levels

Individual act workshopping and peer review. Get feedback on your routine from top NYC burlesque professionals. This is a cost effective way to workshop an act. In this class, you will present an act that is either in progress or that you want to brush up, and receive direct notes from the instructors. Each student will watch the other acts and have an opportunity to share feedback with each other after class. Please bring an act that is ready to be presented. Costuming, props and choreography should be complete or nearly complete.



***Twirly Whirly Burly-Q workshops last 1 hour and require a minimum class size of 3 students. Classes are open to all levels of experience, unless otherwise noted. All genders welcome.***